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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Hi, how can we help you?

    General questions

    1.1 At what temperature should I wash No Way Monday clothing?

    We understand that the clothes you purchased should stay beautiful after washing them. That is why it is important to carefully study the care label before washing and to follow the instructions.

    1.2 Do you have your own No Way Monday stores?

    No, No Way Monday has no own brand stores. 

    1.3 Why is an item not available in the webshop?

    Unfortunately, an item may not be available in the web shop.

    This can have two reasons:

    1. The article is completely sold out.

    2. The article is not available. Unfortunately, in exceptional cases the supplier may not deliver items that are in our catalog. We are also very sorry for this and hope you can make another nice choice from the items in the collection.

    Discount code / voucher

    2.1 Where do I enter my discount code?

    You may place the items of your choice in your shopping cart. Click on your shopping cart and then click on 'order'. When you scroll all the way down you will see the option for discount codes to the left of the total amount. Click on 'apply' and the discount will be deducted.

    2.2 My discount code is not working, how is that possible?

    Check if there are no typing errors. When you click on 'apply' the discount code will be processed.
    Look carefully at the conditions of your discount code, some codes are for example only valid for spending a certain amount or are not valid for discounted items.

    2.3 I forgot to enter the discount code, can I cancel my order or still make use of the discount?

    It is not necessary to cancel your order, we will gladly settle the discount for you afterwards. You may e-mail your order number and the discount code to [email protected]. We will credit this amount.
    If you have chosen to pay afterwards, you will receive an adjusted invoice by e-mail. If you have chosen iDeal, we will pay the amount back to you within a few working days.

    2.4 I have entered the code from my voucher but now the discount from the sale expires.

    Do you have an item in your shopping basket that has been reduced in price? If so, our system does not allow you to enter the coupon code (as soon as you do, the item prices return to their original value). Of course you are entitled to both! We can settle the voucher manually for you. You will then initially pay the full amount with the sale prices. Send an email to [email protected] with your new order number and the code of your voucher and we will refund the value of your voucher.

    Ordering & payment

    3.1 How do I know what size to order?

    When shopping online, it is helpful to know what size to order. We recommend that you choose the size based on the height of your child, not on the age that some brands have. For example: size 164 will be suitable for a child of +/- 164 cm tall.

    3.2  How do I place an order?

    1. Place your item(s) in the shopping cart
    2. Once you have finished shopping, please check your order
    3. Click ‘Finish order’
    4. Create a guest account, log in or register as a new customer.
    5. Check your personal details and change your shipping address if necessary
    6. If your information is correct click ‘Pay’
    7. Choose how you wish to pay and click on ‘Place order’.

    3.3 I have placed an order. Can I come pick it up at the head office?

    No. It is not possible to come pick up your order at our head office.

    3.4 What payment options do you have?

    If you choose an online payment method, we will receive your payment immediately after successful processing of your order. Transactions with credit cards are processed securely; for the processing of these transactions we use the Ogone internet cash register. You can recognise a secure website by the padlock at the bottom of your screen during payment. We offer the following online payment methods:

    • iDEAL, online payment through: ABN AMRO, ING, Rabobank, ASN Bank, bunq, Handelsbanken, Knab, Moneyou, Regiobank, Revolut, SNS Bank, Triodos, Van Lanschot.
    • Billink - postpayment (Netherlands only) (please note: if you return an order at our expense, you will receive a voucher and you still have to pay the bill to Billink. If you do not want this, please choose for return at own expense)
    • Klarna - retrospective payment (note: when returning at our expense, you will receive a voucher and you still have to pay the bill to Klarna. If you do not want this, please choose for return at own expense)
    • Credit card: we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express
    • Bancontact
    • Belfius
    • KBC
    • SOFORT Banking
    • Paypal account
    • Giropay
    • A gift or credit voucher, issued by nowaymonday.com (enter the code at the discount code option)

    When using an offline payment method, it may take a few working days before we receive your payment. Because your order will only be processed after we have received your payment, you should take into account a longer delivery time. Our account number is NL47 INGB 0005 3015 82 our BIC is INGBNL2A.

    Each completed order is finally confirmed by e-mail with an order confirmation. It is therefore important that you enter your e-mail address correctly! The order confirmation by e-mail is not a proof of payment, but indicates that the order procedure was successful and that we have received your order.

    3.5 How does post-payment work with Klarna?

    With Klarna you pay afterwards, so you only pay for the items you want to keep.


    1. Shop your favorite products and place them in your shopping cart;
    2. Fill in your personal details and continue;
    3. In the payment section choose Klarna;
    4. Complete the order (note: you will receive a verification code via SMS which you must enter on the payment page) and you have paid;
    5. We will start processing your order;
    6. After sending the order Klarna will also send you a digital payment slip. The 14 or 30 day payment period starts when you receive the products. This means you can take your time to try and experience your product(s);
    7. If you have decided to keep the products, you can easily pay for your order via the Klarna app. With one push of a button you can pay your Klarna invoice with iDeal.

    3.6 My payment failed, how can I still pay?

    No problem, we can still do this for you. Do you have an account? Then you can log in and go to your account and see your orders. When you open the most recent order you will see that you can still complete the payment.

    Don't have an account? Please send an email to [email protected]. We will email you a payment link and as soon as it is paid your order will be processed.

    3.7 I get an e-mail that I still have to pay, but I have opted for post-payment. How is this possible?

    The payment was probably completed too early. With Klarna you are linked to the payment page of Klarna itself, only when this is fully completed the order will be placed.
    You can still do this. Do you have an account? Then you can log in and go to your account to see your orders. When you open the most recent order you will see that you can still complete the payment.
    Don't have an account? Please send an email to [email protected]. We will email you a payment link and as soon as it is paid your order will be processed.

    3.8 Can I still cancel/change my order?

    We ship your order (order placed before 1pm on working days) the same day, so you get your package as soon as possible. This makes it difficult to change or cancel an order. But of course we will always try to see what is possible. Please call us at +31495745648 and we will see what options are available.

    3.9 Can you wrap my order as a present?

    Unfortunately, we do not yet have any gift packs. However, in the future we hope to be able to offer this in the webshop. 

    3.10 I bought my item before the sale. Will I still get the discount?

    We understand that it is annoying that certain items are now discounted and not at the time you bought something. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this afterwards and we cannot grant retroactive discounts on orders placed before the sale. In any case, you are now assured of your desired item. If you were to wait, you run the risk that an item will sell out or be out of stock.

    3.11 The discount percentage has been increased, now what?

    Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this and we cannot grant extra discounts with retroactive effect on orders that have already been placed during the sale. We understand that it is annoying that certain items are now even more discounted than when you bought the item. But at least you are now assured of your desired item and have bought it with a discount. If you were to wait, you run the risk that an item will be sold out or that your size is out of stock.


    4.1 What are the shipping costs?

    The standard shipping costs for the Netherlands are € 4,95 per order, Belgium and Germany € 5,95 and free from € 20,-.
    Shipping to other countries is only possible on special request. The shipping costs will be calculated in advance by us and communicated to you as a customer.

    4.2 Which shipping company does No Way Monday use?

    No Way Monday sends its packages with DHL within the Netherlands. In Belgium, the delivery is done by PostNL and in Germany by Deutsche Post.

    4.3 Do you also ship to other countries?

    At the moment we ship standard to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
    Delivery to other countries is only possible on special request. The shipping costs will be calculated in advance by us and communicated to you as a customer. Please send an email to [email protected] and we will look into the possibilities.

    4.4 What is the delivery time?

    We aim to dispatch all orders placed before 1pm on a working day. You will receive an e-mail confirmation once we have received your payment and as soon as your order is shipped. Orders placed around the holidays and/or weekends may have a longer delivery time. All the items that we sell online are in supply and available in our warehouse at the time that the products are placed online. However, it can happen that multiple customers place an order during the same period of time. That is why it can sporadically happen that a product is still sold out.

    4.5 Can I have my order delivered at a pickup point?

    If you do not want the package delivered to your home because you have to work that day, for example, you can choose to have it delivered to a collection point. Under shipping method, choose 'Pick up at pick-up point' and select the pick-up point of your choice. You will receive an e-mail when the parcel is ready for you there.

    4.6 I live nearby, can I also pick up my order at your office?

    Unfortunately, our office is not accessible to consumers. There is not always someone present, and in addition you have no proof that the package has been handed over to you.

    4.7 At what time will the delivery man arrive?

    You can follow your package by using the track & trace code. You receive this code after you have placed an order. Since the package is not scanned until the delivery service receives it, it can take a little while before the track & trace code works.

    4.8 I have not yet received my track&trace code / I have not received anything after 24 hours

    If the track & trace code is not clear or incorrect, please contact us at [email protected]. We will then start an investigation and will keep you informed by e-mail.

    4.9 How does an investigation into the delivery work?

    We contact the carrier's depot and inquire about the delivery. By means of the GPS signal it is possible to determine with a high degree of certainty where a parcel was delivered. We also inquire with the driver who made the delivery. There are several other means that can be used to trace a delivery. The investigation takes a few working days up to a week, unfortunately we cannot do anything about this. We will keep you informed about the status of the investigation.

    4.10 My order seems to be incomplete, what now?

    All items we sell online are in stock and available from our warehouse at the time they are put online. However, it can happen that different customers place an order at the same time. It may therefore occasionally happen that a product is sold out. Should this happen, we will send you an email and the item will be credited.
    If you have not received an email about this, please contact us at [email protected]. We will be happy to help you!

    4.11 An article I bought is sold out but I was able to order it, how is that possible?

    All items we sell online are in stock and available from our warehouse at the time they are put online. However, it can happen that different customers place an order at the same time. It may therefore occasionally happen that a product is sold out.


    5.1 For how many days do I have a right to ship returns?

    We do our best to inform you about the items on our website. Should an item still not meet your expectations, then it can be returned within 14 days.

    5.2 Can I also exchange?

    If, for example, you ordered the wrong size or colour, you may return the item and place a new order with the correct article.

    5.3 How can I return my order?

    You can return your order in several ways, please read the options below.

    Would you like to exchange an item for a different size or would you prefer to order a different item? Then you can choose this method. You can send us your products free of charge and we will give you a voucher for the amount you sent back, which you can use in our webshop. How does this work?

    1. Log in to your account on www.nowaymonday.com
      If you do not have an account, go to step 7 and print out the return label.
    2. You will end up on a page where you can see your recent orders. Then click on "view" next to the order of which you want to return items.
    3. You will now see the overview of the order in question. Here you can click on the 'return items' button at the bottom right to create the return.
    4. You are redirected to a page where you can set up the return. The first step is to indicate which items are to be returned. You can do this by indicating the number in the drop-down menu. Items that you want to keep, should be set to 0.
    5. The next step is to indicate why you are returning the items in question. At 'reason' and 'action' you can choose from the return reasons and return actions (if you make use of return at our expense, the return action is a voucher).
    6. Then click on 'send' at the bottom right.
    7. Then print a DHL return sticker. Go to the site of Go Parcel where you can enter your return order and print the return label. You do not need to include a form with the articles. On the basis of the return label we can find your order.
    8. You can hand in the parcel at a DHL service point.

    If you do not wish to receive a voucher, you can opt to return the package at your own expense. You will have to bear the direct costs of returning the goods. Because we need to know who sent the return, the invoice must be printed and attached (this can be found in your e-mail).

    You must return the goods or hand them over to us without delay and in any event no later than 14 days from the day on which you communicate your decision to withdraw from the contract to us. You are in time if you return the goods before the period of 14 days has expired. 
    Within 14 days of receiving the goods from us, you will receive a refund of the purchase price in the same manner in which you paid for the goods. 
    You can send your package together with a printed invoice to:

    No Way Monday (Van Gennip Textiles B.V.)
    Returns department
    Celsiusstraat 24
    6003 DG Weert
    The Netherlands

    5.4 I bought a discounted item, how does this work?

    For returning items with a fixed discount, the same rules apply as above. Different rules apply during a stacking discount. If you return an item during the stacking discount period, the discount will be recalculated for the total number of items returned. The difference will be refunded to your bank account (when returning at own expense) or by means of a gift voucher (when returning at No Way Mondays expense). If you would like to order an article in another size, you can do this through the webshop. The discount will depend on the number of items you ordered again (the number of items you ordered before will not be taken into account).

    5.5 What are the return costs?

    You can choose to return at our expense, so the return costs are free. You will receive a voucher for the returned amount that you can use for your next order. This option currently only applies to return addresses in the Netherlands and Belgium.
    If you choose to return at your own expense, then you must choose a parcel service. For the current costs you can visit the site of this parcel service.

    5.6 Can I also return No Way Monday clothing that I purchase in a store to you?

    If you have purchased clothing by No Way Monday at a shop, then you can return it to the shop you purchased it at. They will help you!

    5.7 Can I also return No Way Monday clothing to a store if I purchased it online?

    No, if you have purchased clothing by Koko Noko online via Koko-noko.com, then you should return it by enclosing the original order or a note clearly stating the order number and your contact details and ship it back to us. For more information on this, click here.

    5.8 I live nearby, can I deliver my return shipment to you?

    Unfortunately, a return shipment cannot be issued to us, this can only be done by post. There is not always someone present at our office, and you also have no proof that the package has been returned.
    We have a parcel mailbox at the gate on the road. If your package fits in it, you can leave your package in the parcel mailbox, this is at your own risk, unfortunately we cannot give you a proof of delivery.

    5.9 I have returned an item, what should I do with the Klarna invoice?

    As soon as we have processed your return, you will receive an email from us. If you have returned with our free return label, you will receive a voucher from us, but the payment to Klarna will remain! If you have returned at your own expense, we will also notify Klarna of this and they will send you an adjusted invoice within a few working days. If you have not kept anything, the account will be closed.

    5.10 The account of Klarna has not been adjusted yet, what now?

    If you have received an e-mail from us that your return has been processed, it may take a few working days before you receive the modified invoice. If you have not received the correct invoice after 5 working days, please let us know and we will sort it out for you.

    Have you not yet received an e-mail that your return has been processed? Please check, via your track & trace code, if your return has already been delivered to us. If it has been delivered it can take 3-4 working days before it is processed.
    If it has not yet been delivered, please contact us (if you returned at our expense) or the parcel service of your choice (if you returned at your expense).

    NB; When you have sent a return at our expense, you have received a voucher worth the returned items, your Klarna account will not be adjusted in this case!

    We can be reached from Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 17:00 and on Friday from 09:00 to 15:00.
    By phone or e-mail +31 (0)495-745648 / [email protected]



    6.1 I bought an item from a shop/webshop but it broke. What can I do best with this?

    What a pity that a complaint has arisen. Unfortunately it is not possible to complain directly to us. It is best to report to the shop or web shop where you bought the item. They will assess the complaint.

    When it is purchased in our webshop at www.nowaymonday.com you can report your complaint via [email protected] and our customer service will handle it. If you already e-mail an order number and a photo of the complaint, the handling will go a bit faster.

    6.2 I received my article damaged. Where can I report my complaint?

    Of course this should not have happened, sorry about that. Within 5 days you may e-mail your order number, article number and size to [email protected]. We would also like to receive a picture of the complaint, so we can look at it with you.
    You may expect a substantive response within a few working days.

    6.3 What are the warranty conditions?

    All our products come with the legal guarantee. Legal guarantee means that a product is or should be what the consumer may reasonably expect from it. Is your order damaged or defective or are you not satisfied with an item and do you think you are entitled to a warranty? Then please contact us. You can email us at [email protected] or call +31 (0)495-745648.

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